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System 11
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Swords of Fury

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Pinball has evolved over time. The origins of modern pinball can be traced from childrens Bagatelle games of the 1800s ("adult" Bagatelle games were quite different!), to the Electro Mechanical (EM) pinballs of the 1930s onwards, and by the 1960s they started to resemble how a modern machine looks today.

The first Solid State (SS) games from Williams and Bally (then seperate companies) started to appear in 1977. These represented a huge leap from their EM games, as the switches, lamps and solenoids could be logic controlled - programmable! Solid State games evolved through the early 80s, and started to see faster play, ramps, and more complicated rules. By the mid to late 80s, they saw complex game flow and rules, scoring, diverters and toys. 1991 saw the first dot matrix display (DMD) on a game on Checkpoint, and the current form of pinball machine was born.

This site is dedicated to the Williams and Bally (who had merged at this point through buyout) System 11 games. This is an interesting set of games, as the System 11 boardset proved very flexible (throughout its various revisions), and they feature gameplay and audio close to that of modern WPC games, while retaining a little of the more basic feel found in older games. For me, the perfect type.

Here you will find all kinds of information and resources on System 11 games, including reviews, rule sheets, photos, technical refs (manuals, cards), even ROMs should you need to upgrade your machine. This information has been gathered from a number of sources, including the IPDB from which many of the facts were sourced. Hope you find it useful! If you have any photos, information, reviews, anything about the listed games, please send them to:

If you wish to use anything from this site that I made (photos, reviews, cards, manual scans, etc) - feel free. This information is to be used and shared by all - James.

24/03/2006:Long time since any updates - Swords Of Fury pics now up (was a year in restoration...)

25/12/2004:Happy Christmas to me :-) Big Guns restoration complete - a LOT of work and I was really happy to finish it in time to play today! Big Guns photos replaced with the ones from mine.

12/12/2004:Finally uploaded some new photos of High Speed that Simon De Mars sent me a while ago..

05/12/2004:Added a quick page with a list of my machines and some words about them :)

28/11/2004:Some people on vpforums reported problems running the Banzai Run table, same here - I've applied the fix to the version hosted here, hopefully Lio will release a new one soon that fixes it officially. Also put up the L4 revision of Road Kings - I can't get even the fixed L5 ones to run on a real machine.